You wish to learn the freefall and to progress  to the point where you can skydive safely by yourselfin few days : thanks to a personalized teaching, the training course PAC (equivalent of the AFF : Accelerated Freefall) meets your expectations.


The Accelerated Freefall (PAC) is a six jumps progression program designed to teach the basic techniques to fly your own body and to pilot your parachut. Our full time professional instructors will provide personalized training during the  course at 14000 feet of altitude. 

The main purposes of this training course are for you : to control your body in freefall on your belly , to deploy your own parachute, and to pilot the canopy by yourself safely to landing. Durin each jump you will  be accompanied by 1 or two instructors in freefall, who give you the appropriate instructions and take care of your safety. Jump after jump, you will learn how to evolve and move in this new environment.

DESCRIPTION : The PAC course begins with a five to six hour ground school. Once you complete the PAC ground school you will be ready to jump with your two instructors wearing your own skydiving rig and parachute system at 14000 feet.

 You then steer your canopy until the landing (with Radio Advice from the ground to assist you). You will use a large Square parachute for greater control and softer landings

For the second jump, only one instructor accompanies you in freefall; he controls your position, corrects you thanks to agreed communication signs and gradually teaches you how to gain self confidence in this new environment. All the training is personalized and you will progress at your own pace.

Once you complete the six jumps, you will be cleared to make solo skydives and work your way to becoming a licensed skydiver . The adventure and your path as a skydiver is just about to start!!! 

COACHING : All the jumps are coached by higly skilled and professional instructors : Sophie NEFUSSY and Davy EBRARD, who add up more than 25.000 jumps. 

GENERAL CONDITIONS : .  Provide yourself with a medical certificate authorizing you to the practice of skydiving,. Must be at least 15 years old : parental permission for minors . Weather: the realization of the jumps is subjected to the weather current terms, . Equipment : Confortable clothing and low sportshoes without hooks.

DATES : from March to November

DROPZONES : Pau (64)  in the south West of France, in the Aquitaine Region

PRICES : . Course 7 jumps : 1190 € + insurance . Course10 jumps : 1307 € +insurance . Course 15 jumps  A Certificate : from 1502 € + insurance

The price includes : 6 jumps with instructor(s) and 4 solo jumps, personalized PAC training and the supervision after the PAC course,all the necessary equipment, a video of the jumps during the training course, a radio assistance while under canopy, a logbook of jumps, a packing course.The price does not include the insurance (72 € to 175 € ).